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October 26, 2020

A FUN Afternnon of Imaginative Play – Thanks to Makedo

Makedo Box Props

An afternoon of fun with recyclable items -thanks to  Makedo!

We have had so much FUN playing with this new ‘Prop Set’ set from ‘Makedo.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Makedo, they’re a brand of ‘toy’ parts that help you to make amazing creations using recycled items like cardboard boxes. They have a huge range all created to inspire and nurture imagination!

They have a great NEW range out called ‘Box Props’. We used the ‘people’ version today and absolutely LOVED it!

What you get – we got 8 orange plastic ‘screws’ and lots of funny face parts like eyes, nose, ears and mouth. You can colour these in with crayons and then wipe them clean afterwards – which means this pack can be used again, again & AGAIN :).

Great for fine motor skills!
Great for fine motor skills!

We used a larger box, medium box and a Starbucks Cup to make our creations….the sky is the limit!

Miss M had so much fun playing with the lager box on her head… She was the Queen of Boxville lol.

They’re so easy I use and once I got the screw started my 4yo daughter was able to finish screwing it in place (practicing and exercising those important fine motor skills). Then we just attached all different ‘Box Props’ to alter the appearance of her boxes & cups.

Starbucks Cup with Makedo Box Props

Makedo Box Props

We have been a big fan of Makedo for a while now, we are loving all their new products – be sure to check them out on their website -https://mymakedo.com/

Louise x

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