November 30, 2022

DIY Dinosaur Eggs!

DIY Dinosaur Eggs!

My little man LOVES dinosaurs, so we thought this would be a perfect activity to try! Our DIY Dinosaur Fossils were a huge success and so were these!

I found this ‘Dinosaur Egg’ idea over at ‘Momma’s Fun World’ and had to give it a try.

We’ve played with Bi-Carb Soda & Vinegar before in some Science Experiments and it’s great fun, so why not have ERUPTING DINOSAUR EGGS!

You will need:

1 cup bi-carb soda

2 tbs of conditioner

1/4 cup instant coffee


Plastic dinosaurs

It does sound like a bizarre mix I know, but it works!

DIY Dinosaur Eggs!

Put all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix. If you find your mixture is too dry add a tiny amount of water (but not too much or it won’t dry hard).
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
Once your mixture has been blended & is the correct consistency, mold around the dinosaurs like a rock (Master L loves getting his hands dirty so this job was perfect for him!).
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
Place your eggs on a plate or tray lined with baking paper (for easy clean up later) and let them sit for 24 hours to harden (the longer you let them sit the harder they will become).
Dinosaur Eggs
Once hard, use a safe kitchen tool (we used a spatula) and let the children channel their inner archeologist and chip away at the egg until their baby dinosaur appears!
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
The next part of this craft is to make your eggs ERUPT!
Just pour vinegar over your eggs & watch them vigorously bubble away until your dinosaurs appear!
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
The kids loved to play in the bubbles too!
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
DIY Dinosaur Eggs!
My two kiddies really enjoyed both of these activities and watching their baby dinosaurs hatch!
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7 thoughts on “DIY Dinosaur Eggs!

  1. I love your idees. I have 2 grand daughters which I look after and love to try out these activities

  2. Is it really safe to stick your hands in the bubbles? I have watched a baking soda/vinegar mix eat a giant sized crayon, and it’s also what I use to unclog slow drains.
    It just seems like that would have something like a piranha effect on fingers.

    1. Hi Johanna, we have done many home science and play projects using the above without any negative reaction to our children’s hands.

      The Crayon experiment sounds kind of cool too!

      Louise x

      1. Thank you! That makes me feel better.
        The crayon was not an actual experiment, it was stuck in the bathroom sink, in the drain, and we couldn’t get it out. The vinegar/baking soda mix took care of it.
        My kids are going to love the dinosaur eggs! Although they’re going to remind me of the many times I’ve told them not to stick their fingers in the bubbles caused by that mixture. 🙂

  3. Is Bi-carb soda the same as baking soda? Do you think used coffee grinds would work in place of the instant coffee?

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