November 17, 2023

Glowing Galaxy Canvas – Full DIY instructions!

Glow in the dark canvas

The inspiration for this came from my last trip to ‘Spotlight’ when I came across this awesome fabric on SALE! I thought it would look great as on a canvas as decor in my sons room. I remembered I still had some battery operated LED Christmas lights stored at home 1+ 1 = cool Glowing Galaxy Canvas!!

Of course I couldn’t make one for Mason and not for Mikayla – I also purchased some nice butterfly fabric to make a girly firefly one…’watch this space’ for that blog ;).

I was able to get everything I needed (minus the lights) at Spotlight – this is what you’ll need-

  • Scissors
  • Stanley knife
  • Medium Glue Dots
  • Battery operated LED lights – these were $2 at Big W & available in a range of colours -I used blue ones.
  • Blank canvas
  • Printed ‘Solar System’ fabric (plain star pattern would look awesome too – darker fabrics work best though).
  • Nail gun or thumb tacks (I asked my hubby to do this for me at his work as he has a giant nail gun but thumb tacks would also do the job)
  • cardstock and a printer or stencil to make lettering
  • Mod Podge – I used a gloss but any variety would work
  • Wide sponge paint brush

Start by gently stretching the fabric over the canvas and securing at the back around the wooden frame with a nail gun or thumb tacks – Nail gun is A LOT easier if you can beg, borrow or steal one  ;). Then trim off any extra fabric.

Thanks hubby ;)
Thanks hubby 😉

I stencilled and cut the lettering “Mason” out of red cardstock. Brushed one layer of Mod Podge on and positioned each letter before coating the canvas all over again. I did two more coats of Mod Podge to secure and seal the cardstock ‘name’ to the fabric canvas.

Mod Podge ROCKS!
Mod Podge ROCKS!
Got to love Mod Podge!
Got to love Mod Podge!

Once the Mod Podge was dry I held the canvas up to the light and attached medium glue dots behind 20 ‘stars’ (one for each fairy light).

Hold the canvas up to the light to determine where your lights need to go.
Hold the canvas up to the light to determine where your lights need to go.

It was then a matter of securing each light behind the 20 stars.

The back of the canvas with lights stuck on.
The back of the canvas with lights stuck on.

Then you can hang your canvas and light it up :). The blue light works perfectly as a nightlight giving a nice gentle glow.


I hung ours next to the bookshelf where I have placed the battery pack so I can easily switch it on and off. You could easily tuck it under and secure it to the frame using a glue dot if you don’t have anywhere to sit it.





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