The solution to my household pet peeve!

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There is one thing that I both love and hate equally…SAND! I love the beach, always have, there’s something so soothing about the sensation of soft sand under your feet and the sounds and smell of the ocean. I love nothing more than enjoying a day at the beach with my family, the only thing I dislike is bringing the sand home with us! Just the thought of sand on my feet makes my hairs stand on end. It’s the very reason I refused to own a sand pit at home!

I battle with sand at least three times a week. My 8 year old daughter joined our local Surf Lifesaving Club’s Nipper program when she was 5 and now she’s training three times a week and LOVING it! She’s also just discovered a love of surfing which means we’re making the 10 minute car trip to the beach now more than ever. Don’t get me wrong I feel very blessed to live so close to some of the most pristine beaches in the world…I just dislike the workload/clean-up that comes after our frequent visits.

Miss 8 competing in flags in her Nippers carnival.

It doesn’t seem to matter how long my kids shower for at the beach there ALWAYS seems to be a truck load of sand brought into the car with them, then it finds its way into the house and EVERYWHERE else imaginable. The stuff just spreads like wildfire and before you know it it’s in your bed sheets!! There is NOTHING worse than trying to sleep in gritty bed sheets.

So let me now share with you my secret weapon, ,my sand eating machine, my most favourite appliance in the entire house (even more loved than my coffee machine!!), my Dyson V8 Absolute cord-free vacuum! This vacuum has literally changed our family life for the better. It’s compact, yet powerful motor makes it ideal for cleaning up the unwanted sand that comes home with us from the beach and all the other kid made messes that occur on a daily basis, like glitter and crumbs!

I can quickly grab the unit (from it’s handy wall mounted storage dock & charger) and with a few quick clips I attach one of the many attachments that come with the unit (there’s one for every mess imaginable) and hit MAX mode to quickly eliminate the sand from the car, it’s perfect for fitting into tight places like in between the booster seat and car seat covers. The MAX setting makes the job a breeze and the car is clean in well under a minute.

My Dyson V8 Absolute cord-free vacuum in its handy wall dock. Charged and ready to take on any mess.

As for the trail of sand that eventuates all the way from my front door to the living room…I simply attach the longer arm and correct head attachment (for my tiles V’s carpet) and quickly vacuum it up before it gets the chance to be spread further. The unit is super quiet and really light and easy to manoeuvre (weighing just 2.6kg), making it perfect for my kids to use (even better right?!) they actually fight over who gets to use it! Plus, with a son who suffers from dust allergies I feel comfortable with him using it as it captures 99.97% of allergens and bacteria, meaning it expels air cleaner than the air you breathe.

Miss 8 proud as punch after cleaning our living room.

I’ve found the battery life to be fantastic (up to 40 mins without losing suction on the regular suction mode), we’ve taken our Dyson handheld camping on Fraser Island (yes, the LARGEST sand island in the world – a major challenge for someone like myself who has a love/hate relationship with sand) I can happily report our tent and car was kept sand free for the entire three night stay, I had other campers asking to borrow it!

I also love the way the bin is emptied, a rubber collar slides down the inside, scraping dirt and sand off. It’s also a larger sized bin which means you can clean up all the mess without having to make multiple trips to empty it.

You can watch my favourite appliance in action below, as well as my little Nipper enjoying her love of the ocean and her little sandcastle destroying brother enjoying the beach. All without me stressing over sand attacking our living space. Winning!

I love being a part of the Nipper community and being a ‘Nipper Mum’. I love that my kids are learning the knowledge to respect and stay safe in the ocean. I love the beautiful community of families that volunteer their time each season and feel so blessed to have formed such lovely friendships (both for myself and my children). I enjoy everything from the fundraising BBQs, raffle ticket selling and even the early morning starts for ‘ins and outs’ training. Most of all I love the peace of mind knowing that I’m giving my kids knowledge that might one day save their life, or even someone else’s life.

You can purchase the Dyson V8 Absolute from all leading retailers for around $849.00 – a great investment if you ask me!

Louise x

PS. There is something so satisfying about this Boomerang video…I could watch it all day!

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