Sally Hansen Nail Diary

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Diary

Sponsored by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.

One of the things I miss most about my ‘pre children’ years is having the time and extra money to go to the Salon and have our nails painted. As my family has grown, our time and money has diminished. We can’t afford to be spending 45 minutes in the salon and that extra grocery money (although I do miss the hand exfoliating massage!).

When I heard about the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I was excited to see if this product would enable me to have nice nails again without having to spend the time or money in a salon.

Like any product we introduce to you, we always like to give it a really good road test and report back with our honest opinions.

Let’s face it, a Mum’s day to day life can be brutal on nails…far more brutal than we like to sometimes admit.

I kept a ‘Nail Diary’ to keep track of the wear and tear of the polish and to see if the product could stand a week in my life.

Day 1

First things first, I hid in the bathroom because #schoolholidays and did the initial paint job. Just as the website told me, I was happy to learn that it actually dried really fast and I was able to apply to 2 coats in the time frame of one Peppa Pig episode lol.  Struggled doing my daughters hair….again! If it wasn’t for Frozen, a simple pony tail would suffice…but no, we need a whiz bang side braid    perfectly aligned to the nape of the neck done with precision whilst my daughter wriggles, whinges & whines! Ok, it’s time to ‘let it go’…sorry nail polish! Ps…naild still on Fleek! A Mother’s life is certainly not glamorous and I think that nail polish gets far more of a workout now then it did pre-kids.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful – quick trip to the grocery store, backyard cricket, slaving over a hot stove to cook a meal that the kids didn’t want to eat anyway, bath time scrubs and reading the same book again at least 20 times before they finally fell asleep.

Day 2

Nails still on fleek. Spent the day at the beach and applied multiple layers of sunscreen on reluctant kid’s faces, played in the ocean, built a sandcastle and dug a hole before returning up the sand carrying 3,000 buckets and what felt like half of the beach with us. Then home to repeat the same afternoon as yesterday.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish review

Day 3

Decided to Climb Mt Coolum with my daughter. We spotted whales and I felt compelled to take a photo of my well groomed hands to prove that I made it to the top…and more importantly, that my nail polish was still holding strong.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Review

Day 4

Took on ‘Mt Washmore’… today I tackled a different mountain… the giant pile of laundry you can see from space. It’s moments like these that I seriously consider becoming a temporary nudist for the school holidays because somehow my 4 year old, manages to have an average of 3 wardrobe changes a day – even though most days he refuses to wear pants. Don’t even get me STARTED on beach towels…how many loads of washing does one woman have to do? My soul may have been shattered but my nails were still in tact and looking great!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Review

Day 5

Lazed by the pool and watched the kids bomb dive…as I took more photos of my glamorous nails.  I must say, by this point, I am really impressed with my nail polish. It’s normally completely chipped by now and I’ve applied at least 20 coats of Sunscreen this week!


Day 6

I think I just cut my 50th sandwich of the school holidays. Is it just me or do kids eat more on the holidays? Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboards are officially bear. Back to the grocery shop with two kids…and we all know how well that goes. Good times. Good times.

Day 7

Decided to spend the day at home doing fun crafts with kids. Busted open some tie dye. Managed to get none on my hands, but I managed to get a splatter on my foot. You can watch how I made this awesome Tie Dyed Beach Blanket here and admire my nails at the same time.

Day 8

I sneaked away from the kids early and took out my new Kayak. I had an amazing morning paddling with the Whales, that’s right WHALES! You can watch the amazing footage here. I have noticed some wear on my nails after this, but they were in the salty ocean for almost two hours!


Day 9

Sad diary day today, I chipped my nail whilst opening a can of tuna. AND I heard that Bradgellina are no longer together. A sad, sad day.

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Review

Day 10

It’s now time to remove the polish and pick a new colour! I just can’t decide which one and need your help! We’re going to go LIVE on Facebook today and ask your help to choose not just the new colour. You can also go in the draw to WIN a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish. Simply click this link to view all the 46 shades and tell us in the comments below which one you would choose and why. We will select 5 winners and send them their chosen colour.

We really hope you give this nail polish a go! I honestly wouldn’t warrant spending my money on a manicure having used this product. My nails are stronger and have therefore grown so much longer! I can’t wait to chat more about it in person on Facebook LIVE. You can buy the polish online here.

Louise (& Jenni) xx

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