Magic Glowing Egg

Magic Glowing Egg

We sure love us some fun Science experiments here at Paging Fun Mums HQ and this activity is no different!

This is egg-actly what my kids get egg-cited about. This really is an egg-cellent science experiment…ok, it’s not punny anymore 😉

This teaches the kiddies about egg anatomy and osmosis – aside from that though, it’s super fun and exciting!

To make your own you will need


Enough Eggs for each highlighter colour (we made four, but found the orange & green worked best)


A glass jar for each egg

Step 1

Bouncy Egg liquid

Take your highlighter and take the top and end off it – remove the inner tube and squeeze the ‘juice’ into a jar. Continue this for each colour

Step 2

Bouncy Glowing Eggs Liquid

Using a spoon, carefully add your raw and unpeeled eggs to each jar

Step 3

Amazing Glowing Egg

Add enough vinegar to cover each egg

Step 4

Let them sit for 2 – 3 days. After this time, carefully remove each egg and brush away it’s shell – you will find that they have disintegrated and are very easy to remove! You will also see that the egg is very swollen!

Step 5

Turn all of the lights off, turn on a black light and watch your amazing Magic Glowing Eggs GLOW!

Glowing Egg Experiment Amazing Glowing Egg Experiment

Magical Glowing Egg

Learn all about Osmosis here. This is such a great way to combine science and fun!

We absolutely had a ball (or should I say oval) with this experiment. Let us know what you think by adding your comments below!

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Jen x

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