‘Frozen’ Erupting Snow

Frozen Erupting Snow

We are loving the ‘Frozen’ movie at the moment and I have been busy coming up with Frozen Activities for the kids. This ‘Frozen’ Erupting Snow was a definite hit! We have also made Frozen Silly PuttyFrozen Snow Paint and even this pretty Frozen Snowflake Necklace.

BUT to make your own ‘Frozen’ Erupting Snow you will need:

1 x 500g bag of bicarbonate soda

1 x can of shaving cream/foam

blue glitter


Frozen Erupting Snow 1

Step 1

Pour your bicarbonate soda into a large mixing bowl

Step 2

Add the can of shaving cream (we found we only needed about 3/4 of a can to get the thick ‘snow like’ consistency that we were after).

Step 3

Add as much glitter as you like – we added about 2 tablespoons – we LOVE glitter! Now give your mixture a good stir.

Erupting Frozen Snow with GlitterYour mixture will look like this. Isn’t is awesome? Due to the shaving cream, the ‘snow’ even feels cold! This is fun just to play with on it’s own too!

Erupting Snow

Now to get the ‘erupting’ part of this activity happening, you just need to pour the vinegar over your snow and watch the magic happen…

Erupting Frozen Snow Bubbling Erupting Frozen Snow

The kids love to watch their ‘magic snow’ erupt! We bet Queen Elsa & Princess Anna would have loved this when they were kiddies! It’s so easy to do over and over again too! It’s also great fun to play with the foamy remnants!

Frozen Erupting Snow 5 Frozen Erupting Snow 4

We hope we you enjoyed this tutorial! Let us know if you give it a try!
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