‘Frozen’ Snowflake Necklace

Frozen necklace 5My little girl (like all little girls across the globe) is OBSESSED with the Disney Movie ‘Frozen’ – who can blame her…I’m pretty sure I have every song down pat! We have recently made Frozen Silly Putty and Frozen Snow Paint and I can’t seem to stop! My little boy loves it too!

Anyway, I saw some fantastic ‘glue gun snow flake ornaments’ on ‘By Stephanie Lynn’ & knew this would make a wonderful ‘Frozen’ craft that my daughter would go crazy for!

To make your own you will need:

A Glue Gun with Glue Stick

A Snowflake template printed onto white paper (I googled and found this gorgeous one)

Glad bake/baking paper

Blue Tac

Glitter (we used a combination of dark blue, light blue & white)

Ribbon or string

Frozen Snowflake Necklace

Step 1

Print out your snowflake template to the size you want

Step 2

Using your blu-tack – stick this page to your  bench/table

Step 3 

Lay over a sheet of glad bake paper

Step 4

Blue tack that into place over your snowflake template also

Frozen Necklace 2

Step 5

Make sure your glue gun is nice & hot, then ‘trace’ over the snowflake template onto the baking paper

Step 6

Add your glitter – I found it easier to glue gun one section of the snowflake then add the glitter (so it wouldn’t dry out) and then move on to the next section – I would tip off the left over glitter back into my bowl to use afterwards.

Step 7

Check for any ‘faults’ –  you may find you will need to add a little extra glue in places that may not be as strong, when I did this, I added another layer of glitter to make it extra sparkly!

Step 8 

Let  your beautiful new Frozen Snowflake dry…this will literally only take a few minutes. When its dry, carefully shake any excess glitter off and then slowly peel off your masterpiece from the glad bake paper.

Frozen necklace 3

This is how they should look when completed.

frozen necklace 4

Step 9

Add a small drop of hot glue to the back of your snowflake and attach your ribbon or string & let it goooo…oops, I meant let it set!

Step 10 

Tie the finished product onto your beautiful Elsa princess and let the fun begin! My little Miss has barely taken if off…she even wore it to her Ballet class lol!

Frozen necklace 6 frozen necklace 7

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