DIY Foam Paint


Foam Paint for KidsIt’s been raining here for days – time to bring out some indoor crafts like this DIY Foam Paint!

My daughter just celebrated her 5th Birthday and loved her cake so much she didn’t want to cut it! I told her we would make her a cake that she could keep.

This is what we came up with.

We made the pink frosting using equal parts glue & shaving cream with a dash of pink food colouring. We mixed this in a zip lock freezer bag and then cut a corner off to use as a piping bag.

DIY Foam Paint

We made the ‘cake’ body out of dish washing foam cloth, glued it to en empty box, then glued it onto the blank canvas cardboard. Then we added some white ‘fluff’ to give the icing a bit more ‘puff'(cotton wool or craft stuffing).

DIY Foam Paint

 DIY Foam Paint

We made some candles using some paper straws with a little yellow pipe-cleaner stuffed into one end.

Then as a last touch we added some pink sparkly beads as ‘sprinkles’.

DIY Foam Paint5

We left it overnight to dry and were surprised to find it had grown slightly as it dried.

DIY Foam Paint 6

This is Miss M blowing out her candles :).

DIY Foam Paint

We had so much fun with the pretend ‘icing’ that we made a couple of new colours and did some ‘freestyle’ painting also :).

DIY Foam Paint

DIY Foam Paint 8

DIY Foam Paint7

Before & After.

Before & After.

The finished product is a cool colourful foam.

We will be doing this again for sure! It was super easy and relatively mess free – without brushes or containers to clean out!

Here is another cool Puff Paint recipe done by Jenni and her clan – we both LOVE to paint with the kids!

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